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How to Make your Bathroom more Boutique without Blowing the Budget



Make your Bathroom more Boutique

Most bathroom renovators can help you create a new look from scratch and a new bathroom can drastically add more financial value to your home.

You may elect to go with more eco friendly items or materials that will reduce your power bill and a remodelled bathroom can do that too.

Before you’re ready to call a professional and dedicated renovator such as Geelong bathroom renovations to your home to assist in a new and more chic look for your humble bathroom, you may want to implement some DIY strategies.

Here are some simple inexpensive and creative ways to give your bathroom that sophisticated look.


  1. Keep the bathroom clean

A great looking bathroom can come undone and look shabby if it’s dirty and in disarray.

When your bathroom is clean, it looks, feels and smells fresh and inviting.

Be sure to pack away makeup, curling irons, hair dryers and other items when you’ve finished with them.

Keep your shower clean to avoid unsightly soap scum and build up.

A good tip is to clean your shower each time you use it with a dish wand with vinegar and dish washing liquid or a squidgy to prevent water marks.

  1. Bath Caddy

If you’re fortunate enough to have a stand-alone bath in your bathroom, a wooden bath caddy can add a classy and elegant look to the room.

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Keep the caddy clutter free so the overall look isn’t diminished and add a few simple items such as candles, soaps and bath salts.

And of course, once you’re soaking in that lovely warm bath, don’t forget to add a good book and a glass of wine to the caddy!

  1. The mirror

Your bathroom mirror is often the focal point of your room and can really alter the aspect and mood of your space.

If it’s looking a little worse for wear with fading and scratches, you may want to consider replacing it.

Bearing in mind, not everyone can afford an expensive ornate mirror.

But you can add an element of boutique design by designing and creating your own frame.

Choose one which suits the décor of your room and creates the style you are wanting.

Wooden or masonic frames can be cheap to pick up or craft yourself and will look a million dollars without the hefty price tag.

Your new look can range from rustic, to in home contemporary retreat.

  1. Bath Mat

Do away with the shabby cloth look and consider a wooden cedar mat.

This may give your room that boutique spa feel.

A wooden bath mat not only looks good, but is also less; likely to store bacteria or produce stale and unsavoury smells.

It’s also easy to clean!

  1. Mini Shelves

Bathrooms can often be tricky for storage and there might be a few key items you use regularly and don’t want to shove under the sink or leave out to create a jumbled environment.

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Look at some simple small shelves. There are a variety on the market to choose from, ranging from small floating shelves to bracket style shelves. Think outside the box, and consider placing thebrackets upside down.

Not only does this create a unique look, but can also discourage items from falling off the shelf.

  1. Uniform bottles or jars

For a more contemporary look, gather up some glass jars or uniform bottles from your local variety shop and put your most used liquids or powders in them.

Use your imagination and devise your very own unique labels for them.

Shampoo, conditioner, bath salts, body lotion can take on a more chic look.

  1. Vanity Cabinet Mystique

If you’re utilisingthe space on your sink for a select few items, consider a small tray to put them in.

It can ensure the area looks less cluttered and more appealing.

Use a ceramic pump soap holder and tooth brush holder.

If you’re not into the tooth brushes sitting on your vanity in plain view, you can also potentially purchase a tiny basket with suction caps to place them on your wall in close proximity to the sink and taps.

This idea frees up space without the need to hide away your most used tools of care and hygiene.

If your mirror and vanity cabinet permit the space, consider installing a shelf in-between the two.

This gives you more area to place bathroom materials and is especially handy if there is no medicine cabinet in the room.

  1. Towels

Do away withthose shabby outdated towels and invest in some lovely warm thicker bath towels.

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Not only do they look great, but they feel cosy and snug on a winters morning and can add a splash of colour to the room.

Don’t forget to keep them of the floor and on the towel rungs to avoid a messy feel.

  1. Plants

Plants bring in positive energy and the greenery can give your bathroom a green house element without making it look like a forest.

A few small simple plants, such as ferns which can do well as bathrooms typically do not get to hot.

Be mindful of water leaks and the possibility of water marks. A saucer can assist in reducing this risk.

If you’re not into real plants taking up residence in your bathroom, think about fake plants to keep the same look without the mess and fuss.

  1. Change your tap and shower fittings

The sky is the limit with this step.

Your local hard ware store will have a mirade or taps and shower fittings for you to choose from.

This can vastly alter the appearance and atmosphere of the entire room.

  1. Keep it smelling nice

Bathrooms can often attract smells due to poor ventilation and drainage issues.

Air out the room by opening the window frequently and add a simple diffuser to one of the shelves to enhance the scent of the room and keep in with the chic feel.

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