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The 5 Most Common Mistakes Firestick Users Make That You Should Avoid




Avoiding these mistakes will save you time and money.

Through Firestick, people can use any type of device for their variety of streaming services. It ensures compatibility is not an issue when you need to stream your favorite show or movie. But unless you know how to use every feature properly, you won’t get anywhere.

For example, if you pair your Firestick device with a VPN service like ExpressVPN, you may unlock many benefits, such as access to geo-restricted titles, region-exclusive movies, and shows. You just need to know how to use ExpressVPN on Firestick and witness the wonders it can do.

That said, my experience with the Firestick device had been great except for a few issues, for which I won’t blame the device.

In most cases, my issues have resulted from mistakes I have made or from overlooking some important aspects. Fortunately, I have been able to recognize and correct them timely.  So, I thought of assembling all those mistakes here so you can avoid them and have the best streaming experience.

Without further ado, let’s look at the five most common mistakes Firestick users make that you should avoid, so you don’t have to repeat them.


Most Common Mistakes Firestick Users Make Frequently

The following are a few common mistakes people may often practice but are unaware of:

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1. Creating an Amazon Account While Setting Up the Firestick

When setting up your Firestick device for the first time, you’ll be offered two options:

  • I have already set up an Amazon account.
  • I am a new Amazon user.

Most first-timers use the second option, which is a mistake. Because after you create an account, it’ll require you to input your credit card information. After which, you’d still not be able to download any app from the store, even if it’s free.

So to avoid this, create an amazon account by visiting first using another device, provide your payment information, and also enable the default one-click purchase option.

2. Leaving The Privacy Settings to Default

Most users tend to skim through the privacy policies or privacy settings. They simply maintain the status quo. Default privacy settings always favor the device or app’s manufacturer.

The Firestick device’s default privacy setting allows them to:

  • Collect Data Regarding Device Usage
  • Collect Data About App Usage
  • Analyze Data Monitoring

Often users have no idea that their streaming, browsing, and other online activities are being monitored. The monitoring may also include the payment methods you use and your credentials.

To avoid the device’s sneaky activities, you can change your privacy settings in the Firestick Device’s settings.

3. Forgetting to deregister your Firestick Device

This mistake can hugely affect your budgeting plans for sure. In case you’ve misplaced your previous Firestick device, but your Amazon account’s still active, and you haven’t bothered deregistering your device, it won’t result in your favor.

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Amazon Prime accounts don’t repeatedly request you to choose a payment method each time you have to pay. As a result, if your device is lost and someone finds it, they may purchase any app or service from it, and it’ll be charged on the credit card information available on your Firestick.

So to avoid this, go to, log in and deregister your previous Firestick device from the “Manage Device” section under setting options.

4. Placing your Firestick/TV at a distant with Router

What could be the reason for the buffering or lagging issues while streaming? Firstly, check the Wi-Fi signals’ strength; the stronger the signals, the better your streaming will be.

In Firestick’s settings, you need to check the connected Wi-Fi signals’ strength. If the Wi-Fi signal strength is average or interrupting your streaming, we’d suggest you reduce the distance between your Wi-Fi router and Firestick.

5. No Clearing The Cache on Your Firestick Device

On your Firestick, many apps store caches. Firestick stores the cache in its storage. It’s no secret that Firestick has extremely restricted storage.

All the apps’ cache significantly consumes much storage space. The lack of storage can also be a problem. For example, it can cause your device to slow down and buffer while streaming.

Therefore, you should regularly clean the cache. But unfortunately, there is no other way of deleting the cache for all the apps together. So instead, you have to carry out to process for each application individually.

The steps given below can help you delete the cache on your Firestick device:

  1.     First, go to the “Settings” option from the home screen on your Firestick Device.
  2.     Click on “Applications.”
  3.     Now select “Manage Installed Applications.”
  4.     Next, select the app for which you intend to delete the cache.
  5.     Finally, tap on “Clear cache.”
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Final Thoughts

That’s all for today; these are the five most common mistakes Firestick users make. Although these mistakes appear small, they have a much greater impact on your streaming experience.

Follow this guide and avoid these mistakes if you want to optimize your Firestick device and enjoy hassle-free streaming.

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