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4 Reasons Why a Family Phone Plan Could Be Right For You



Family Phone Plan

Not that long ago, a cell phone bill for one phone or line could exceed $100 a month. In some instances, that may still be true. When you start adding additional lines for your partner, children, or business, it becomes very important to consider all mobile plans.

Costs are still the number one reason why cell phone users switch providers, but what are the benefits to switching plans? There are four reasons why changing to a family plan may be right for you.

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1. Cost

Let’s face it, cost is also likely to be a big reason someone might switch to a family plan (vs individual plans). Even if you are just adding a second line for yourself or business purposes, you will likely save money with the more lines and services you add.

That may not sound possible, but it’s true. In fact, a family mobile plan can save you $5/15 on average. A better deal on month to month charges is great, but you can save even more by choosing an annual mobile plan for your family, especially if you don’t anticipate your needs changing in the next 12 months.

2. Bundle It, or Not

Not every family mobile plan is the same, but many will offer some fun perks if you switch. Bundles can save you money, but also add services like unlimited data sharing, text, and calls/voice.

By simply switching providers, choosing a family plan, or paying annually, you may even get discounted or even free access to Netflix or HBO. With a family plan, you will likely get unlimited data, so it won’t matter if your kids are constantly streaming. Having unlimited text and calls/voice is fairly standard, but if that’s not available, you can often get rollover minutes.

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If you know that an unlimited mobile plan is too much for your family, you can customize a more suitable one for your family for as little as $10/month. Before you switch, carefully review your current phone statements. You want to note how much data you usually utilize. This will help you choose a more streamlined plan if you use less, but ensure you still have enough for your needs.

You will want to carefully compare family mobile plans to be sure you have the flexibility to use bundled services, or not, in the way that works best for you.

3. Keep It, or Not

If the members of your family currently have individual lines, you may be hesitant to consider a switch. Luckily for you, there are mobile plans that allow you to keep your current device and phone number.

It may seem impossible for a mobile plan to be compatible across the board, especially if your phone and your childrens’ models are generations apart. Some mobile plans allow you to keep your existing devices and your number. There won’t be a need to update contacts or learn how a new phone functions.

On the other hand, if you are adding new lines to family members for the first time, you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade your own device as well. As mentioned, with most family mobile plans, the more lines you add, the more you save.

Whether you decide to keep your existing device and number, or not, be sure to check compatibility in the mobile plan and be sure it’s right for you.

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4. No Contracts

For the most part, the days of boxing you in with a 2-year contract for mobile service are behind us. However, in a lot of situations, users are tempted to get a “free” phone by agreeing to commit longer.

With a family plan however, binding contracts are mostly non-existent and you have the option of monthly billing or even money saving annual plans.

If you have children, it’s possible needs will change every few months, or even more frequently. You want to be sure you choose a family phone plan that is going to grow and shrink with you when it’s necessary.

It can be hard to choose between individual mobile and family plans. After all, it is a big investment, especially when you’re adding expensive devices and extra lines to a large family. It’s important to consider how your family will utilize all the services that come with a family mobile plan.


Think about the cost advantages to choosing a family plan. Another thing to consider is flexibility – you should have the option to keep your favorite device and number. Take advantage of the perks! Switching to a family plan can come with cool stuff, and bundled services. Finally, be sure you keep your freedom with no contracts.

Consider these four things to determine a phone plan that’s right for you.

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