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Healthcare Staffing

Overcoming Staff Issues

2020 and 2021 represent some of the most turbulent years the world has seen, and in few places is this so true as the healthcare industry. In 2020, believe it or not, furloughs became necessary due to a reduction in “traffic” to many healthcare businesses, among other things. But then 2021 hit, and suddenly things started picking up again.

It’s like 2020 was a half year, and 2021 was a double year; or something like that. Even as this is being written in late summer of 2021, the year isn’t yet up; so please be considerate if you’re reading this far into the future. Here’s the point: last year hospitals let staff go, this year they’ve been short-staffed. What a cruel irony!

Before 2020, staffing was already a problem for many medical institutions owing to how competitive the field is. It’s been an employee’s market for years. Think about the cost of going to medical school, and how long it takes to become legally certified, especially for a collaborating physician. No wonder employees do their best and then try to choose where they work. Often, they can.

If you’re dealing with healthcare staffing issues, it can be really hard to find qualified personnel without putting in lots of work hunting down the right people. Here we’ll explore a few things you can do to reduce the associated load on your healthcare business.

  1. Hire From Competitors Who Liquidate Personnel

So people are going to get hired and fired by competitors all the time. Also, employees who could perfectly fit your corporate model as a healthcare business may flat out quit your competitors. If you can keep an eye on who is coming or going among your competitors, you may be able to “scout” some talent among medical personnel.

This becomes doubly valuable, as such a person may have insider data on things your competitors do that you are unable to determine any other way. Recruiting this way is a long shot, but it’s a good idea to at least keep your finger on the pulse of personnel issues as they can be determined among healthcare competitors locally. Just be sure you do it legally.

  1. Use Resources For Inspiration On Tactics

Something else that makes sense is seeing what professionals in your field have to say. For example, at the following link you can find some relevant healthcare recruiting tips. These might help you calibrate employee acquisition toward strategies that are known to be effective.

  1. Reduce Staffing Needs Through Optimized Management

Optimized Management

Cloud computing, telemedicine, software acquisition, and infrastructural reconfiguration can work together to help reduce overall staffing needs. Sometimes the best solution to a staffing shortage is to contract slightly. If optimizing business won’t reduce employment needs throughout your healthcare company, figure out what services or products you can cut.

Sometimes there are medical procedures that are so seldom completed, maintaining associated equipment and staff is essentially a waste of money. However, every medical practice is different, and in some scenarios, operational contraction of this type is neither feasible, possible, nor legal.

Be sure you do your homework in advance to make sure such a move is one you can make legally.

Perfecting Staff Investment

If you really can’t find staff, operational contraction can reduce your need for personnel without impacting profits overall. That’s more of a last resort, though.

It makes a lot more sense to explore known strategies built around best practices and security personnel from competitors when possible. The idea is to think critically and leave no stone unturned as you fill positions throughout your company.

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