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Battle of Streaming Brands in Australia: Which Streaming Services are the Best and Worst?



Battle of Streaming Brands

It’s not uncommon for major streaming apps to compete, as there is no monopoly when it comes to the media and entertainment industry.

Nowadays, the streaming brands ensure they’ve got everyone’s attention; as such, one can be overwhelmed with what to choose.  Luckily, we all have a clue of the ups and downs when it comes to streaming. But this can be wiped off with the best streaming app.

Movie or show fans hate getting ads in the middle of their hearty content. That’s why most brands have upped their games to remove such ads or provide alternatives depending on subscribers’ ability to pay for such services.

The notion is not different in Australia. Here is one place where the battle of streaming brands seems hottest. While some, such as Netflix, seem to dominate the country, there are new kids on the block emerging in full force with unbeatable capabilities. And this seems to make it more overwhelming to streamers, making them go for alternatives.

For instance, if someone asked about Netflix alternatives, we would strongly recommend Hulu as the best streaming service of Australia.

Nonetheless, one is free to make a choice. Here, we explore four brands known well in Australia.

Stay tuned for the best decision on what is the best and worst streaming services.


The Battle of Four Streaming Brands


People ask, “Is Netflix good in Australia“?

The truth is that the streaming giant seems to have dominated the region. It has been so popular that people have been masked from the upcoming goodies.

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Netflix Australia is filled with a plethora of content. You enjoy classic movies and TV shows such as Handsome Devil (2016), Glitch, Eyes Wide Shut, Silverado, and Original content such as Hannah Gadsby, Tidelands, etc.

The content is enjoyed through three streaming subscription plans. Each plan has a different number of simultaneous streams. Again, all the plans allow subscribers to download movies or shows to watch later offline, but the number of devices to download is limited.

You also enjoy content in 4K HDR streaming.

The only major drawback to some is that it requires faster internet speed to stream. Good speed is good; you avoid buffering issues.

Netflix price is $10.99/month, while a high definition streaming goes for $16.99/month, and the Premium plan for $22.99/month.

If not picky, you will have something to watch every time you log in to your Netflix. It has what it takes when it comes to streaming in Australia.


Hulu is home to some of the best TV shows, such as Rake, H20: Just Add Water, Twin Peaks, etc. Movies to enjoy include Dead Asleep, Sex Appeal, Fresh (2022), and others. However, the streaming app is not available in Australia because of geo-blocks.

A premium VPN comes in place to bypass the geo-restrictions.  Besides, it keeps on getting new content now and then, which can be streamed using three subscription plans as follows:

  • The basic with ads- $6.99month
  • Premium with no ads-$12.99/month
  • Hulu+ Live TV-$69.99/month. One great advantage is that you can bundle it with Disney and ESPN+, which saves on costs while enjoying sports, live news, and Discovery Networks.
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The basic and the premium come with a 30-day free trial, while the Hulu+ Live TV plan allows a one-week free trial. The plan is doing great in matching up with the demands of time.

Additionally, the Hulu no ads+ Live TV allows you to enjoy your content without interruptions. The bundled plan- Hulu no ads+ Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN goes for $13.99/month or $75.99/month.

But it’s worth noting that anything not in the Hulu streaming library will have ads, which can be somewhat irritating, especially if you’re a binge-watcher.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers a great deal in Australia, especially for Prime members.

The app is super friendly, and this makes it a choice for many. The price is only$ 6.99 per month, and you enjoy a 30-day free trial. You get Amazon Originals such as The Man in the High Castle, Homecoming, Good Omens, etc.

There are also classic titles for shows and movies that you won’t find anywhere else. Currently, the streaming app has over 24,000 movies and over 2100 shows available. You can also rent or buy other movies.

One major drawback is that you may not be able to watch any content that is not an Amazon-produced original series. And this limits your options since not everyone has a taste of all Amazon Prime has to offer.

Nevertheless, Amazon Prime members in Australia enjoy a great deal.


If you want to enjoy HBO Max in Australia, you need BINGE and Foxtel. The app is not available in Australia due to issues with licensing agreements. You enjoy HBO Max Original content such as The Big Bang Theory, South Park, etc., and other classic movies and TV shows.

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Also, you can access the entire HBO catalog.  There is some stuff coming up this year such as The Staircase, Made for Love Season 2, and Hacks Season 2.  For the Warner Media library fans, all have been set in line.

See, you can use a VPN to access all the stuff available. The monthly cost is AUD 19, equivalent to $14.99/month. There is also a cheaper tier with ads for $9.99/ month. Unfortunately, the tier has no downloading options; you cannot view content offline. While the ad free-supported tier allows 4K streaming

While all this is available, most complain of its high prices. Again, the app is not available on most Smart TVs, such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

Final Thoughts

If you are still wondering which streaming app to choose from in Australia, you now have some options to choose from. With the best, you make your streaming easier.

Nothing is frustrating as watching a video with ads on. But this depends on what subscription you choose.

The best streaming app will allow you to watch for hours without getting bored. If the streaming app is not available in Australia, a VPN will do well. We recommend ExpressVPN with the ability to bypass all geo-restrictions.

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