Cartoons are one of the most popular forms of fine arts that are equally popular among children and adults. People of all age groups regardless of their gender, hobbies, and profession are interested in watching cartoons to spice up their leisure time. Cartoons either realistic or fiction add fun and fantasy to the day as they contain catchy illustrations, animations, motion graphics, and humor. If you want to watch cartoons online for free, there are several options such as websites that allow you to access your favorite anime content without any hassle.

What is WatchCartoonOnline?

One of the websites that provide free cartoon entertainment is WatchCartoonOnline that has a huge collection of cartoon movies and shows. Can you imagine the bliss of getting delightful options presented to you on a single page that would lead you to a whole new world of animation, cartoon series, cartoon movies, and cartoon videos? What else can you get there like watch live tv online, watch anime online, watch free movies online, etc!

Children + Adults can Watch Cartoons Online

To watch animated movies for free watchcartoononline supports several VPN sites like where unlimited GBs of cartoon data is available for cartoon lovers. Such content involves cartoon movies, cartoon series, and different types of cartoons like classical, romantic, educational, funny, adventurous, arcade, etc. It means anyone can get his hands on mesmerizing content promising the perfect charm.

The charming part of this website is, it is designed in such a way that it provides easy access to all kinds of cartoons whether old or new. A grown-up person who was born in the 70s and grew up watching cartoons may find his childhood delights on this platform. Similarly, kids, these days find cartoons a source of learning multiple concepts because scientific researches proves that video content is an attractive way to teach kids effectively and efficiently.

WatchCartoonOnline provides Dubbed Cartoon Online

WatchCartoonOnline is a cartoon movie streaming website that provides free cartoon content in Hindi and English dubbed while maintaining the quality and resolution up to optimum. Therefore, it is a jackpot for anime lovers who want free video content but at the highest quality. It facilitates those Asians who admire Hollywood but find problems with understanding their content. Therefore, this site provides Hindi dubbed content so everyone can watch and understand easily, whether or not he has learned English.

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Free Mobile App

It is a lucky charm to have all types of amazing cartoons on a single platform. Some people may find it harder to visit websites every time to get access to the desired content. Therefore, to make sure that the users have the best and the most convenient cartoon watching experience, watchcartoononline has launched a free app. This application works on all types of devices whether Mobile phones or PC. This website provides the best user interface along with a variety of cartoon series, episode-wise cartoons, and cartoon movies for users to pick from.

How to Watch your Favorite Cartoon Online?

It is quite easy to watch free cartoons using watchcartoononline as it supports you to access its help and feedback services. If you are interested in watching a cartoon show or movie online, you can always request it on the platform by visiting the homepage of the site and clicking the help button. A “request” pop-up will show up, by clicking that you will be directed to a box where you can enter some mandatory biodata and your requirements. Finally, click on the “submit” key and you are done.

Does the Website Support Ads?

Previously, there were no ads but now, this website shows ads. It depends on the kind of user if he is willing to compromise these ads to get a chance to watch cartoons online for free.

What about the Latest Updates of WatchCartoonOnline?

This website makes sure to update the content regularly so the users do not have to see repetitive content on the dashboard. In this way, one can enjoy the latest cartoons and animations.

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Is WatchCartoonOnline Legal?

The watch cartoon online is a completely legal website but it is not accessible through mainstream media. Like other pirated websites it is blocked in Australia, India, and many other countries. Since such sites leak cartoon content depriving the main producers of the payout they deserve, these are less likely to be promoted by search engines. As a result, several domains get blocked and the aspirants have to use VPN to disable the denied access. As not everyone can afford costly subscriptions to watch cartoon online, one can sign up for free and get free access to different types of cartoon online.

24/7 Access to watch cartoon online

There are no hours defined for which one can restrict his watch time for cartoons. Any user has got the opportunity to watch free cartoon movies, web series, and cartoon videos any time. As far as the query of watching cartoons anywhere on WatchCartoonOnline is concerned, there may be some location-based restrictions. No worries, VPN and alternate domains are always there to assure unlimited entertainment anywhere anytime.

Estimated Traffic of WatchCartoonOnline

Since this is the largest website to provide free access to cartoons to a large number of users worldwide, the facts and figures about its fan following and traffic are astonishing – per week traffic equivalent to One Million. The bounce rate is low and the average watch time is also surprising. People love to spend unlimited hours watching their favorite anime online carelessly. Options to download and watch later are also there for an added comfort for loyal fans.

100% Secure

Unlike other competitor’s websites, WatchCartoonOnline is safe to use and it protects your data, and never shares it with third parties.


Our write-up provides reality-based information and factual knowledge about watchcartoononline and we do not intend to promote any kind of pirated website. If a user decides to sign up on such platforms, he is responsible for taking such an action. We do not take responsibility for any website or its users.

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